Antonelli for Ice Cream Making

Want to make more PROFIT from your MILK ?

Antonelli is a family run business with four generations of experience in the ice cream industry as well as a firm understanding of UK Dairy Farming.

There are many ways to make more PROFIT from your MILK by making it into ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt. We know about them all & can help you decide if one is good for you. Retail or wholesale, artisan or industrial, local / regional or national, small project with limited investment or establishing a substantial enterprise that will secure many jobs and 100,000's of premium margin milk litres. - Whatever the options, we can help you through the maze of decisions to ensure you make the very best decisions for a profitable and enjoyable venture into ice cream.

We are the Leading UK maker of ice cream cones but this is just part of the whole package we provide for you. Have a look at our Centenary Video

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