Vertical Farming Modules, Hydroponics, Readymade Seed Punnets, Lease or Purchase Options. Create your own microgreen, herb and/or chili farm in as little space as 0.77 square meters or build out a 100,000 square foot warehouse - we can accommodate.

groLOCAL can supply a simple low-cost, robust solution for growing microgreens, herbs and/or chilies using flood & drain hydroponics.

Additionally, we supply Retail-Ready seed punnets & trays to work with our equipment. They come ready-to-grow with seeds already sown and are used to both grow the produce and supply to your customers without an additional layer of handling or packaging. Ideal for farm-shops, deli's, caterers and restaurants.

Also, enquire about our Farm-in-a-box CSR solution. Is finding a Corporate Social Responsibility solution part of your mandate? If yes, then we would love to discuss with you how effective our solution is in giving your brand the positive effect you are looking for whilst having a substantial and lasting impact on a community.

If you're a Business Angel Investor and would like to learn more about truely Earth changing innovation projects like groLOCAL that we operate at Light in the Cloud then please contact David Charitos via LinkedIn, visit us at the show or online at


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