Photobooths are UK's largest photo booth manufacturer, and Europe's largest photo booth supplier. Specialising in the events and entertainment market, Photobooths produce industry leading novelty photographic equipment bespoke to customer orders. The large extensive product range by Photobooths includes Photo Booths, Magic Mirrors, Selfie Pods and more.

Photobooths have worked with many major clients including BBC, Moet & Chandon, Monster Energy and Jessops. Their largest project included being commissioned by the BBC to produce a fully functioning photo booth inside a blue Doctor Who Tardis.

All products are built with the customer in mind and can be completely branded from the outside to the inside. Corporate colours, branding, logos can all be applied to all products within the extensive product range. Software is written in house by highly skilled software developers, and can also be adapted to fit branding requirements.

Photobooths range of photo booths are industry leading, and are manufactured by an "A class", patent protected, University tested frame. They use top of the range electrical equipment to capture and print instant fun photos.

The range of Magic Mirrors, only launched in 2016, are a brand new concept in the UK. Using a full length reflective touch screen, guests can use the touch screen mirror to capture and print a full length customised photo. The Magic Mirror is also packed full of extra features, such as on screen drawing to make the photo experience even more interactive.

Photobooths range of products can be adapted to be coin compatible, creating a new revenue stream for many businesses driving additional profits.

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