Live Debates

As part of Farm Business Innovation’s outstanding service to the industry, the show’s exclusive Live Debates gathers together a number of acclaimed authorities to discuss, debate, and analyse a variety of the industry’s current key trends and issues.

This page provides details of each Debate, its participant, and the time you need to be in place. Ensure you arrive early as this outstanding opportunity will attract a lot of visitors, so places go quickly!


11:00 – 12:00 Planning Permission Panel

Planning permission could be the difference between you grabbing your diversification dreams or falling agonisingly short. Our expert panel discuss how you can ensure you plan for success.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Barry Davies

    Barry Davies

  • Panel Session Speaker: Fenella Collins

    Fenella Collins

  • Panel Session Speaker: Stephen Locke

    Stephen Locke
    Stephen Locke Associates

  • Panel Session Speaker: Caroline Bedell

    Caroline Bedell
    CLA Midlands

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rob Hopwood

    Rob Hopwood

15:00 – 16:00 Social Media Live Debate

Our expert panel will discuss the powers and possibilities of social media, why it’s the most efficient way to build relationships and share information, and why your business needs to warmly embrace it.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Frances Bibby

    Frances Bibby
    Social Communications

  • Panel Session Speaker: Martin Jolley-Jarvis

    Martin Jolley-Jarvis

  • Panel Session Speaker: Edwina Mullins

    Edwina Mullins

  • Panel Session Speaker: Nellie Williams

    Nellie Williams
    Nellie Pom Poms

  • Panel Session Speaker: Jack Stilwell

    Jack Stilwell
    Rural Media Solutions


11:00 – 12:00 Succession Planning Debate

Our expert panel will discuss the common pitfalls and hurdles you will have to clear when on your rural business diversification journey to success.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Michael Mack

    Michael Mack

  • Panel Session Speaker: Alison Rickett

    Alison Rickett
    Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre CIC

  • Panel Session Speaker: Matt Lobley

    Matt Lobley
    University of Exeter

  • Panel Session Speaker: Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones
    Hugh James

  • Panel Session Speaker: Matthew Evans

    Matthew Evans
    Hugh James

13:00 – 14:00 Glamping Panel

What are the challenges, must dos and mustn’t dos when starting your own glamping business? Join our panel of glamping gurus in what promises to be a fascinating debate.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon
    Canopy & Stars

  • Panel Session Speaker: Edward Busby

    Edward Busby
    Crown and Canopy

  • Panel Session Speaker: Emma Warren

    Emma Warren
    Dimpsey Glamping

  • Panel Session Speaker: Sophie Farrah

    Sophie Farrah
    Canopy & Stars

15:00 – 16:00 Planning Permission Panel

Join our esteemed panel of guests as they talk all things planning permission when changing the use of land. A debate that any entrepreneur with diversification ambitions cannot afford to miss.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Barry Davies

    Barry Davies

  • Panel Session Speaker: Dan Collins

    Dan Collins
    Country Cabins

  • Panel Session Speaker: Garry Horwell

    Garry Horwell
    Land Innovations

  • Panel Session Speaker: Tony Kernon

    Tony Kernon
    Kernon Countryside Consultants Ltd

  • Panel Session Speaker: Charles Baines

    Charles Baines
    Laurence Gould