Anne Clarke

Connected Thinking

Day 1: Considering equine diversification? – 6 Options to consider

About Anne Clarke

Anne Clarke has worked in the equestrian sector for 18 years. Her roles have spanned PR & marketing, sponsorship, event management and bid writing.

She worked for the British Equestrian Federation, developing their 2012 Legacy project to support equestrian businesses. Her passion for protecting equestrianism at grassroots, led her to set up Connected Thinking.

She runs a 5 month group coaching programme that many previous attendees from FBI have taken part in. This is a cost effective way to access her network and expertise to get quick and effective results.

What her clients say:

A big thank you to Anne for her 5 programme. I never expected to have two business both making a profit by the end of it. I’ve had enough money to invest in things I only thought I would ever dream about.
Tessa Frost - Hall Farm Stables

I cannot thank Anne enough for the help she has given me. I would not have got to this point without the knowledge and guidance of Anne and the fabulous course members. Carolyn Bourchier - Black Pig Retreats

Day 1 Seminar
Do you have land that could be ideal for an equestrian diversification?

We will explore the market size of the horse industry, so you know what you are putting your money into.

Then we will work through various options to choose from. Which will be the most relevant for your land, experience and level of commitment?

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