Bean Beanland


Maximising estate Thermal Assets in a post-subsidy environment

About Bean Beanland

Bean has an Honours Degree in Physics from Imperial College, is an Associate of the Royal College of Science and is the retained ground-source heat pump specialist for ReEnergise. He has nearly ten years of experience in evaluating opportunities and specifying ground-source systems in both domestic and commercial sectors, including rural estates, and across both retrofit and new build developments.

He sits on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Working Group for Heat Pumps, the Ofgem Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Industry Forum and on the DBEIS Industry Advisory Group. He is Vice Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and sits on its Policy Development Committee.

The presentation will seek to explain how estate or land owners and managers can consider maximising the thermal assets of their holdings as government seeks to reduce, and ultimately, remove all subsidies. Consideration will be given to future heat, decarbonisation and air-quality policy and the impact that this will have on Building Regulations for both new builds and retro-fit projects.

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