Dr Paul Thomas

Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

High value truffles: how to cultivate them on your land

About Dr Paul Thomas

Dr Paul Thomas submitted his PhD on signalling systems in plants, at the University of Sheffield in 2004. In 2004/2005 Dr Thomas received a small grant from the White Rose Centre for Enterprise (WRCE) to commercialize the technology. WRCE put Dr Thomas forward for the first series of the Dragons Den, in which a deal was initially accepted with Simon Woodroffe (£75,000 for 25% of the business). However, after filming Dr Thomas decided that the investment wasn’t right for him and his business but after turning down the offer he continued on to build Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd to the global company it is today.

Dr Thomas now works on truffles full-time. His company, Mycorrhizal Systems, produced the UK’s first cultivated truffles and he has the largest network of truffle sites worldwide - including over 30 in the UK. As one of the world’s leading authorities on truffles and truffle cultivation, Dr Thomas regularly presents at international academic conferences and publishes papers on all aspects of truffle biology.

This seminar will discuss what truffles are, how much they’re worth and the conditions needed to cultivate them. Dr Paul Thomas will discuss all aspects of the truffle business including technical requirements such as soil conditions, considerations such as set-up costs, resource requirements and grant availability, and expected yields, income and product distribution channels. The seminar will also explore latest research around how climate change will impact truffle production and the regions suitable for cultivation.

This seminar will be of interest to anyone looking to diversify their land and grow truffle trees as an investment, as well as those looking to grow truffles for their own enjoyment.

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