Edwina Mullins

Consultant Trainer - SocialB

PANEL DISCUSSION - Social Media Panel

About Edwina Mullins

Edwina is a digital marketing and social media expert with 15 years experience across the agriculture, tourism and hospitality sectors. Her diverse knowledge proves invaluable for creating innovative online solutions for businesses of all sizes.

With a degree in Hospitality & Tourism, she has worked in companies from farm to fork including 6 years as the Digital Marketing Manager for Syngenta. She has worked in agencies with clients like Reuters, Shell and Engie. She speaks regularly at conferences and has trained over 600 individuals in the past 2 years on social media and digital strategy. She’s passionate about social media, is a member of #clubhectare and hosts #agrichatuk, a Thursday Twitter chat for the rural community which boasts over 23,000 followers.

She spends most of her time now training clients how to build and manage their social media and digital resources to effectively promote their business.

A team of four top experts combine to discuss, debate, answer questions and give tips on social media for a farm, rural or estate business.

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