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About Gwil Jones

Gwil Jones, MRAC - Director
Having been brought up on the family farm in Warwickshire, Gwil went on to graduate from The Royal Agricultural College with a BSc (Hons) in International Agri Business Management, followed by a fast track management programme within Fresh Produce sector supplying all the major UK Supermarkets. In 2002, Gwil returned to the farm and set up a successful catering company specialising in wedding venue catering and corporate event hospitality. Latterly, in 2012 he, along with his business partners, set up The Venue Group that specialise in wedding venue management.

Diversification is nothing new and when agricultural prices are low and volatile as they are, farmers need to fully harness the potential of their assets. The Great British Public now embraces the countryside more keenly than ever before. This unquenchable thirst is constantly being fed with TV and advertising, promoting everything from food to fashion and lifestyle in the outdoors.

When you’re setting up a new enterprise everything that needs doing generally has a number of zeros behind the Pound sign. So, it’s important to stay focused on your end goal and have a keen sense of knowing who you are appealing to. Often, even with these thoughts etched on the brain, so many make the mistake of thinking their potential customers are just like them: ‘‘If we like it, they will too.’’ Wrong!

With over 15 years’ experience of running of setting up and running wedding venues in barns and on farms Gwil Jones has a detailed knowledge and experience of what it takes to be successful and the trials, tribulations and pit falls along the way.

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