Ian Damms

Honorary Secretary - British Deer Farms and Parks Association (BDFPA)

Opportunities for Farming Deer in the UK.

About Ian Damms

Ian has been associated with the deer industry in UK and New Zealand and UK for over 25 years. His passion was ignited as a boy tracking deer in the woods in Worcestershire and at agricultural college way back in 1987 where he studied them for his dissertation before working on farms in New Zealand. Subsequently he has maintained clients in the deer industry in UK and New Zealand and has regularly spoken at colleges around the country. Ian has a MSc in Agri Business management and is a director of the Oxford Farming Conference. He is also director of Breeze and Freeze Ltd. Specialising in the production of digital media for the agricultural Industry.

Opportunities for rearing deer in farm and park situations are looking good. Supply of venison in the UK is not keeping up with consumer demand. With BREXIT creating uncertainly in the traditional red meat sectors it is a good time to consider them as an alternative. Though not for everyone, deer are one of the most captivating, exciting and rewarding animals to farm. Ian will talk about the opportunities in the industry tempered with some of the pitfalls and explain where to find more information and training.

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