Jeannie Tomlin, Rachel Godwin and Lisa Hodgson

Alternative Meats Ltd and Otterburn Mangalitza

Women Are Raising The Steaks!!

About Jeannie Tomlin, Rachel Godwin and Lisa Hodgson

Rachel and Jeannie were both born and raised in rural Cheshire, where they were also educated. In her early twenties Rachel spent a lot of time sailing across the Atlantic and around the Caribbean, eventually returning to the family farm in the mid-nineties. Her entrepreneurial father had started a Company to market and sell Ostrich meat and this was where the two girls first met, as Jeannie came on board to tackle sales and marketing. In 2001 the girls formed their own Company, expanding their range of products to include other exotics such as Kangaroo, Crocodile, Antelope and Zebra as well as Ostrich. This portfolio has changed shape over the last ten years to incorporate British-farmed unusual meats, such as Welsh Wagyu and British Rosé Veal. The latest product to be added to their amazing range is Mangalitza Pork and this is how they have met up with Lisa Hodgson, who owns and runs Otterburn Mangalitza with her partner, Tim.
Lisa was born and bred in Easington Colliery and originally trained as a hairdresser at Peterlee College. When Lisa met her partner Tim and moved to the Farm in North Yorkshire, little did they know that their lives were about to change forever when Lisa fell in love with her first Mangalitza pig.

A brief story of how three ladies became embroiled in the world of Meat – from Ostriches in the Nineties, to Mangalitza Pork now !! The trials and tribulations of Farming, Raising, Killing, Butchering and Selling rare and unusual meats.

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