Jeremy Lawton

Managing Director - Shearwater Insurance Services

PANEL DISCUSSION - Equestrian Business

About Jeremy Lawton

Jeremy Lawton – a former corporate stock broker in the City of London, launched Shearwater Insurance Services over 25years ago. Initially focusing on the equestrian industry, driven by his passion for the equine sports, Jeremy has built a business and a brand that is now synonymous with the equestrian world and outstanding customer service.

An intricate understanding of the insurance and business world, combined with a lifelong understanding and passion for horses, means Jeremy has built Shearwater in such a way as to enable his team to work with their clients to create an equestrian insurance policies that meets their individual needs.

Jeremy has also used his years of commercial experience to expand the business from the niche equestrian market to service a much wider and mainstream insurance clientele, offering everything from home and motor, to farm and tractor insurance, to commercial and liability insurance, thus making Shearwater Insurance a one stop shop for all your insurance needs.

A team of four top experts combine to discuss, debate, answer questions and give tips on starting, running or growing an equestrian business.

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