John Henderson


Wood Fuel Revolution: How to extend your accommodation season right through the year

About John Henderson

John Henderson founded Anevay - previously Camping Solutions - in 2007 after the cult success of their flagship product, the Frontier Stove. Originally designed for the humanitarian aid world, the Frontier Stove was dreamed up to combat the incredibly high number of deaths from smoke inhalation caused by cooking on open fires (more people are killed as a result of this than malaria and AIDS combined). 10,000 stoves were sent out as aid and the Frontier gained popularity among the retail market in the UK. Anevay was born and the company now ships their range of stoves worldwide. John continues to design stoves, and has since added the Traveller, Fintan, Tana and Shepherd Stoves to the Anevay offering. These UK-made stoves are designed for heating and cooking in unique small spaces like yurts, shepherd’s huts, garden pods and safari tents.

The leisure and glamping accommodation industry is usually one concentrated into the summer months, with bookings petering off . John will discuss the benefits of wood burning stoves as a way to extend this season through to early spring, autumn and even winter while providing a unique experience for your guests: a bit of ‘back-to-nature’ and a chance to enjoy all of the seasons.

John will talk about Anevay’s journey from the humanitarian aid world to designing stoves for unique small spaces, and their mission of providing a sustainable heating solution to a growing market while encouraging people to spend more time outdoors.

If you’re planning on setting up glamping or leisure accommodation on your land - tipis, shepherd’s huts, bell tents or wooden pods - don’t miss this chance to hear about how you can make the most of your investment and keep bookings rolling in right through the rest of the year.

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