Jonathan Winchester

FARMA – The National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association

It''s a Steal - How easy is it for a customer to steal from your business?

About Jonathan Winchester

Jonathan Winchester is a board member of FARMA and Chief Executive of Shopper Anonymous UK, established in 2006 and now the UK’s largest feedback organisation. With a sound business model, Regional Directors now represent the company throughout the UK.

The knowledge accumulated from working with over 900 clients and conducting 300,000 ‘mystery shops’ has given Jonathan and the team an amazing insight into great (and poor) customer service. With a portfolio of businesses including farm retailers, zoos, farm attractions, vets and more, the company is ideally placed to motivate owners and managers to make instant and ongoing improvements to customer experiences.

Jonathan is passionate about good customer service and the need for constant quality improvement.
As a well-known public speaker and mentor offering experienced business advice and thought-provoking guidance, he regularly speaks at large events and not-so-long ago shared a platform with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

Jonathan can be contacted on 0844 943 2992 or

Theft in farm retail is a major issue and this dynamic presentation will explain exactly how theft is carried out and what exactly you can do about it. It also follows a mystery shop where a mystery shopper stole (with permission!) from a farm shop and how easy it was. We explore what you can do to prevent your hard work being spoilt by others.

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