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About Mark Antonelli

Mark Antonelli has over 20 years experience in the ice cream industry and before that 10 years in dairy farming. As the fourth generation of a family business, Mark with his brother David took over the day to day running from their father Roland in the 90’s. Mark uses his experience in farming and knowledge of ice cream making to assist dairy farmers who wish to explore options of making their milk into ice cream. Understanding the technical aspects and science behind ice cream production is key to achieving the best texture and taste. Mark supports many ice cream manufacturers and retailers; established businesses and new enterprises; whether family run or an industrial production level company; those making with recipes passed on for generations to those developing a more modern product. Antonelli is the only UK ice cream cones manufacturer who make the full range of wafer, waffle and sugar cones in-house. Mark also won the UK Sole Distributor agreement to supply MEC3 ingredients (world leading Italian flavour house) for making ice cream, which when added to some simple sugars and your beautiful milk will make a product that you will be proud of.

With the uncertainty of milk prices and low confidence in future ‘luxury’ prices, now is a good time to look at alternative ways of making the most from your milk, both literally and financially to protect the future of your farm. In this seminar we examine the actual set up costs and key elements required to establish a successful ice cream making business, from your milk. It can be a daunting prospect diversifying into something new and out of your comfort zone but you may be surprised about how satisfying and financially rewarding it can be once you get set up. Who could not be pleased to put a smile on a child’s face? Many farm ice cream manufacturers also go on to provide handmade ice cream to local restaurants and hotels too. Some farmers have launched into even higher volume, supplying regional wholesalers or national food service companies.

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