Michael Mack


From Concept to Success

About Michael Mack

Michael has been working with diversified businesses for over 16 years. During this time he has appraised projects for DEFRA, delivered LEADER grant funds and run the national trade association for farm retailers FARMA. Michael works across the UK with farming, food and estate businesses to support them through the challenges of creating and running farm diversification businesses.

Between 2014 and 2017 Michael was the Managing Agent for FARMA, within this role he was able to work with a broad range of farm retail businesses in areas such as planning, grant funding and benchmarking business performance. During his early career at DEFRA through to his role at Savills he has always worked closely with rural funding and specifically LEADER support. During this role he has appraised grant applications for DEFRA, established three LEADER programmes and has consulted for businesses on grant applications.

Michael has a keen interest in succession planning and the role of individuals in business creation. He regularly undertakes a mentoring role with farming families to enable generational change.

Michael is a Nuffield Scholar where he undertook a study into the next generation of farmers. This study included visits to Australia, Hungry, Portugal, France and the USA.

Do you dream of opening a farm shop, setting up a campsite or adding value to your milk? Does the challenge of taking your idea and turning it into a viable business seem daunting? Whether its dealing with planning offices, submitting a grant application, recruiting staff, establishing performance KPI''s or dealing with the impacts of the project on the family farm, the key to success will be in your ability to take on these challenges.

During this seminar we will look at the key steps you will need to take to create the business you dream about. The seminar will not only address the key stages of the project but your personal role in making it happen. We will draw on real life examples from across a range of diversification projects from farm shops to tourism ventures.

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