Nick Feeney

One Night Stand (ONS Glamping)

What’s the worst that could happen? Just do it.

About Nick Feeney

Having owned an investment company for 8.5 years, Nick helped clients looking to invest money, find the right investments for them. The decisions these clients had to make such as whether it was the right investment for them, how much to invest, required a lot of research and time to make the right decision.

Making the wrong decision or backing the wrong investment could seriously impact their quality of life. Likewise rushing in, not having all the information or FOMO (fear of missing out) can also have the same result. So what is the right amount of information and time needed to make the right choice? - This is where Nick helped his clients understand the art of research and decision making but also empowered them with the ability to make a decision.

Nick continues to apply the same principles of investing into ONS Glamping, helping clients make the right decisions when choosing their accommodation for their site and budget.

Too many choices, too much information and the fear of making the wrong decision leading to no decision and procrastination. In any business it’s difficult to know when the research is done and the time to make a decision and take action is here. See how not being afraid of making the wrong decision can seriously help you grow personally and create a strong and successful Glamping Business.

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