Patrick Hawes

ARM Limited

The Green Treatment Solution for Wastewaters Generated by Agricultural Activities

About Patrick Hawes

Patrick Hawes has a strong background in the biotechnology field, especially in regards to biological treatment processes, and has worked very closely with most of the water companies to provide technical assistance and expertise in the study of constructed wetland technology, as well as applying his experience in treatment wetlands to use across a wide range of industrial applications.

Patrick has worked at ARM for 13 years, and has become an invaluable member of the team, both assisting in the design of the reed beds, and researching new technology to further utilise reed beds and treatment wetlands have on the wastewater treatment industry.

Patrick is also a core member of the Global Wetlands Technology association, and works together with other international companies, to expand on the knowledge of wetland treatment, and this collaboration has brought us technologies such as forced bed aeration, and CSO Treatment.

Wastewaters are generated by a wide range of activities associated with agriculture. These include but are not limited to, contaminated run off from working areas, diversification developments (residential and industrial), food and drink production, vegetable and equipment washing, diffuse pollution, anaerobic digestion and livestock slurries. Our presentation will demonstrate how Reed Bed (also known as Constructed Wetlands) treatment systems can be used to clean up all of these wastewaters.

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