Paul Williamson and Chris Nichols

Hillside Brewery and GameShift

Brewing up a difference – the Hillside inspiration

About Paul Williamson and Chris Nichols

Paul Williamson launched Hillside Brewery in 2014 from a converted dairy at Holly Bush Farm in Gloucestershire. Passionate about real ale and the importance of using the best local ingredients the microbrewery has gone from strength to strength producing award winning craft ales, providing experience days, brewery tours, “brew your own” and parties!

Chris Nichols is co-founder of GameShift, a collaborative hub of creative business advisers and entrepreneur coaches. Previously Chris was Professor of practice in systems leadership at Ashridge business school, and has a background in strategy consulting and investment banking. He has coached many entrepreneurs and growth businesses.

What’s the right balance between creativity and discipline, passion and planning in launching a brilliant new farm based venture.

Entrepreneur and writer Chris Nichols joins with farm based Hillside Brewery founder Paul Williamson to spark your ideas by sharing the Hillside experience.

This is a genuine tale told by the founder of an award-winning craft brewery start-up.

Founded on passion and opportunism, Paul will tell the story of how the Hillside project moved from aspiration to reality. Chris will draw on his years of coaching entrepreneurs and sparking creative ventures to help draw out the tip and tricks of a winning venture.

Expect inspiration, gritty truths and plenty of stimulus to spark your own thinking. There’ll be no unnecessary froth on this full flavoured brew.

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