Rob Hindle & Jonathan Fell

Rural Solutions & The Ice Cream Farm Cheshire

Achieving successful diversification in a changing rural economy

About Rob Hindle & Jonathan Fell

Rob Hindle, Executive Director at Rural Solutions – Rob’s 30 years’ experience in rural development and diversification; evidence based analysis, commercial creativity and clear grasp of what can be achieved in development terms has underpinned the success of many commercial and leisure schemes across rural Britain.

Jonathan Fell, Company Director at the Ice Cream Farm, has been involved since his parents moved to the farm in 1980. The Ice Cream Farm was initially launched in 1986 and grew significantly since then. In 2014, Jonathan, along with Rural Solutions undertook some detailed consumer behavioural research in order to maximise the opportunities for redevelopment and further growth. Using this data Jonathan has managed to grow his Ice Cream Farm into the most visited, free to enter farm visitor family entertainment attraction in the UK, attracting over 800,000 visitors a year.

Rob Hindle of Rural Solutions will discuss how the current financial climate and other factors (planning framework and consumer behaviours) mean that rural diversification has never been a more fruitful opportunity for rural landowners, highlighting some key success factors to achieving this.
Rural Solutions will co-present with one of their most successful clients, Jonathan Fell at The Ice Cream Farm to demonstrate how this is has been achieved in practice.

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