Sarah Arikan and Jo Maggs

Berwick Lodge

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Country House

About Sarah Arikan and Jo Maggs

Sarah Arikan is the owner and general manager of country house hotel, restaurant and wedding venue Berwick Lodge in Bristol. She and her husband Fevzi opened the doors to beautiful Berwick in 2009 following five years of renovation. Owning a hotel hadn’t been a lifelong dream for the couple but Fevzi, who is originally from Turkey, grew hungry for a project that allowed him to indulge in his passions and skills in their new life in Bristol. One evening in 2003, which just so happened to be Valentine’s Day, they stumbled upon a property in the local paper and the rest you can say is history.
Having started with limited hotel management experience, Sarah has learnt a huge amount of invaluable skills along the way and encountered all the challenges that owning a hotel brings. The highs and lows have been worth it as the business now makes a healthy profit and Berwick Lodge’s remarkable reputation as an exclusive venue is now recognised locally and nationally.

Sarah Arikan, Owner and General Manager of 5* Berwick Lodge shares her top 5 ways to make money from your country house. Sarah will give an introduction to services you could offer, as well as tips and insights on marketing, knowing your target market/brand and building your reputation.

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