Stuart Plant

FARMA – The National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association

It''s a Steal - How easy is it for a customer to steal from your business?

About Stuart Plant

Stuart Plant is Regional Director for Shopper Anonymous Birmingham, and works closely with FARMA. Stuart works with SME''s and large organisations from many sectors throughout the Greater Birmingham region to help them deliver a great experience for their customers. He works with clients such as the SnowDome, Cadbury World, Aston Villa and Birmingham Leisure Trust, to name but a few.

Stuart is able to share his extensive knowledge of delivering great customer service having held various senior positions managing large teams in FTSE 100 and 250 businesses in multi-site operations, recruitment and training roles, as well as developing his own retail business.

Stuart has delivered change at fast pace and profit growth through people development as well as product and asset management in these corporate roles. Whilst operating his own retail business, he developed invaluable strategic, project management and consultancy skills.

Stuart absolutely believes that success is achieved by putting the customer first at all times and through working with Shopper Anonymous Birmingham, he can help you identify what your customers truly think about your business through "heart-felt feedback" via our Mystery Shopping programme.

Stuart can be contacted directly on 07826 869121 or

Theft in farm retail is a major issue and this dynamic presentation will explain exactly how theft is carried out and what exactly you can do about it. It also follows a mystery shop where a mystery shopper stole (with permission!) from a farm shop and how easy it was. We explore what you can do to prevent your hard work being spoilt by others.

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