Tullis Matson

Founder & Managing Director - Stallion AI Services / RBST Trustee

The Past Present and Future of Equine Breeding

About Tullis Matson

Tullis Matson has worked in the equine industry for over 25 years. He began running the small natural covering stud at the family farm in 1989. In 1990 went to New Zealand to learn the practice of Artificial Insemination before returning home to set up one of the first equine AI only units in the UK.

Stallion AI Services Ltd was formed in 1996 and is one of the most successful stallion collection centres in Europe, offering semen collection services, fertility assessment and worldwide semen export. We have collected from over 1000 stallions, across 51 different breeds.

In recent years, Tullis has carried out research into semen collection, stallion fertility and cryopreservation methods of equine semen and embryos. He has developed bespoke extenders for stallions and harvested semen from post castration testicles. He lectures worldwide on equine breeding and stallion management and also works with organisations such as Chester Zoo to help cryopreserve semen from endangered species e.g. Rhino, Lion.

In 2011 Tullis, through the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, received the Marsh Christian Trust award for the technological advances he has brought to the field of equine semen freezing.

This presentation will cover developments and progress in equine breeding techniques, technologies and processes.

Topics covered will include but not be limited to, methods of semen collection including epididymal semen harvesting, semen processing and freezing techniques, use of semen extenders and mare reproductive techniques.

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